Safer Tax Filing in Indiana

21 01 2015

Identity theft is a growing problem across the nation. In 2014, Indiana’s identity theft program stopped $88 million in attempted fraudulent refunds.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will be using a new identity protection program for the 2015 tax season to help combat the identity theft crisis. This year the Indiana Department of Revenue will use LexisNexis to confirm taxpayer’s identities. The LexisNexis automated identity verification database will verify identity information from individual income tax returns. It will help validate the taxpayer is who they say they are.

Another Indiana Department of Revenue safety feature is the Identity Confirmation Quiz which was introduced in 2014. Some taxpayers will receive a letter asking them to take this online quiz. Taxpayers chosen to take the quiz are not suspected of identity theft, but may have transposed numbers in their address or SSN or may have recently moved and the new address could not be verified.

Taxpayers who receive the letter will need to confirm the names and address on the letter match an Indiana income tax return that they recently submitted. They will then take the online quiz which consists of four questions that only the taxpayer will know the answers to. Additionally, taxpayers are given two attempts to pass the quiz. If a taxpayer does not pass after the first two attempts the taxpayer is given a special number to call the Indiana Department of Revenue. After completing the quiz successfully, the taxpayer can expect their refund within 14 days if filing electronically or 12 weeks if paper filing. RBSK Partners files all eligible individual returns electronically unless requested by the taxpayer to file on paper.

If a taxpayer receives a letter and the information is NOT reported correctly or they did not file a tax return for that year, they are asked NOT to complete the online quiz. Instead, they will need to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue at the phone number provided in the letter.

RBSK Partners or other tax preparers will NOT be notified by the Indiana Department of Revenue if any clients are selected to take the quiz. However, if you receive an Identify Confirmation Quiz and have any questions or would like our assistance, please contact us at 812-663-7567.


Submitted by Jean Ralston, CPA

Tax Manager, RBSK Partners PC

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