Meet Ron Knueven

30 01 2015

Ronald J. Knueven, CPRonSMA, CVA is a partner of RBSK Partners PC. Ron specializes in delivering accounting and tax services to individual and closely-held business clients in a variety of industries, including retail, wholesale, professional services, agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications, real estate, and nonprofit.

In addition to being a CPA, Ron is also a Certified Valuation Analyst, or CVA. As our director of Business Valuation Services, Ron provides essential valuation services to his business clients for gift and estate tax purposes, marital dissolutions, buy/sell agreements, and for the purchase or sale of a business. He has testified as an expert witness on business valuation matters.

Ron also serves as the manager of RBSK Partners’ Accounting and Auditing Department, ensuring proper accounting and auditing standards are followed and that financial reports produced for our clients are of the highest quality. He invests in ongoing education to stay current on and educate our staff and clients about all accounting, auditing, and business valuation developments.

Actively involved in his community and his profession, Ron is a member of the American Institute of CPAs, The Indiana CPA Society, and the National Association of CVAs. He has served as a member, officer, director, and committee chairperson of various community groups, including the Ripley County Community Foundation, Margaret Mary Community Hospital, and the Chamber of Commerce.

Ron has also presented on a variety of accounting and auditing related topics for clients and staff training sessions. He has also authored several business valuation articles that have been published in local newsletters.

Ron brings his significant experience and commitment to excellence to RBSK to make a difference for our clients. To contact Ron, email him at or call him at 812-663-7567 extension 208.

Safer Tax Filing in Indiana

21 01 2015

Identity theft is a growing problem across the nation. In 2014, Indiana’s identity theft program stopped $88 million in attempted fraudulent refunds.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will be using a new identity protection program for the 2015 tax season to help combat the identity theft crisis. This year the Indiana Department of Revenue will use LexisNexis to confirm taxpayer’s identities. The LexisNexis automated identity verification database will verify identity information from individual income tax returns. It will help validate the taxpayer is who they say they are.

Another Indiana Department of Revenue safety feature is the Identity Confirmation Quiz which was introduced in 2014. Some taxpayers will receive a letter asking them to take this online quiz. Taxpayers chosen to take the quiz are not suspected of identity theft, but may have transposed numbers in their address or SSN or may have recently moved and the new address could not be verified.

Taxpayers who receive the letter will need to confirm the names and address on the letter match an Indiana income tax return that they recently submitted. They will then take the online quiz which consists of four questions that only the taxpayer will know the answers to. Additionally, taxpayers are given two attempts to pass the quiz. If a taxpayer does not pass after the first two attempts the taxpayer is given a special number to call the Indiana Department of Revenue. After completing the quiz successfully, the taxpayer can expect their refund within 14 days if filing electronically or 12 weeks if paper filing. RBSK Partners files all eligible individual returns electronically unless requested by the taxpayer to file on paper.

If a taxpayer receives a letter and the information is NOT reported correctly or they did not file a tax return for that year, they are asked NOT to complete the online quiz. Instead, they will need to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue at the phone number provided in the letter.

RBSK Partners or other tax preparers will NOT be notified by the Indiana Department of Revenue if any clients are selected to take the quiz. However, if you receive an Identify Confirmation Quiz and have any questions or would like our assistance, please contact us at 812-663-7567.


Submitted by Jean Ralston, CPA

Tax Manager, RBSK Partners PC

Jean 2013

IRS Starts 2015 Tax Season on Time

16 01 2015

The Internal Revenue Service will begin accepting and processing tax returns on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

The IRS expects to issue more than nine out of 10 refunds within 21 days. The fastest way to get a refund is to e-file and choose direct deposit. It takes longer to process paper returns and in light of IRS budget cuts resulting in a smaller staff, it will likely take an additional week or more to process paper returns meaning that those refunds are expected to be issued in seven weeks or more.  RBSK Partners offers efiling for all eligible income tax returns.

This year’s return will include new questions to incorporate provisions of the Affordable Care Act (or ACA). Taxpayers who have qualifying health insurance all year will simply need to check a box to verify they have health insurance coverage. Other taxpayers will have to provide additional details to determine if they are eligible for the premium tax credit or subject to the individual shared responsibility payment (penalty).  If you have questions regarding the new ACA, please contact RBSK.

RBSK Partners has sent tax organizers to all existing individual clients.  If you haven’t received one, or are interested in becoming a client, please contact RBSK Partners.


Submitted by Jean Ralston, CPA

Tax Manager, RBSK Partners PC

Jean 2013


New Year, New Website, New Opportunities

7 01 2015

New Year: LisaSM

RBSK is excited to welcome in another new year. Like many of you, we are anticipating 2015 to be a great year and are setting our sights on achieving great things for our clients and staff.

New Website:

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our new website–designed with YOU in mind! We think you will find it has a cleaner look, improved navigation and helpful content. We welcome your feedback and comments.

New Opportunities:

“Opportunity Season” (formerly known as “busy season” or “tax season”) is fast approaching. We are poised and ready to help you achieve the goals you have set for 2015 and to take advantage of opportunities to grow and strengthen your business and personal wealth . Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance and to also spread the word about us to family, friends and colleagues in need of tax, accounting or IT services.  Business is great and we are looking for more!

Here’s to a SUPER 2015!!!!